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Stay fit, stay healthy and enjoy life. This is the mantra that we all have been brought up with. But how many of us, in today’s times really are able to stay fit and healthy? Everybody knows that in order to be fit and healthy we need to maintain a disciplined lifestyle which includes healthy food, regular exercise, proper sleep etc. But given our busy schedules it is next to impossible to regulate our lifestyles. This results in obesity as we do not burn the calories that we intake. But neither we have time to do regular exercise nor we have adequate knowledge on how to lose weight naturally without exercise.

Replace junk foods by healthy foods is the answer to the question how to lose weight naturally without exercise
Avoid junk foods

 Obesity in turn leads to multiple other problems like Diabetes, coronary disease, kidney and liver problems, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, depression to name a few. Hence the trick lies in maintaining our body weight. It is absolutely essential that we wake up to the ill effects of being overweight and take necessary steps to prevent weight gain or lose the extra weight we have already gained ASAP.

Most of the people do not have time to do exercise. So, the question is, how to lose weight naturally without exercise? While we are well aware of the benefits of healthy food, a well-balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc, that ensures we get all the essential nutrients, there are certain foods that have a slight edge over the others and are highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors all over the world. This is because of their anti-oxidant properties that help to curb obesity. 

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Healthy breakfast

What exactly are anti-oxidants? To know that first we must know what oxidants are. Oxygen, which is essential for all living beings for respiration, can both be a blessing and a curse. The simple act of breathing in oxygen, among humans, results in the formation of molecules which are highly reactive. These are known Free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive and seek to react with other molecules and make the affected molecule a free radical itself. Therefore, a chain reaction starts. Reaction of free radicals with other molecules in the body results in oxidative damage that can cause a wide range of illnesses and diseases like heart diseases, cancer, inflammatory diseases, neurological disorder, hypertension and many others. Therefore, neutralization of free radicals is necessary.

Hence we need antioxidants in our bodies to combat the Free radicals. Our bodies naturally produce anti-oxidants to neutralize the Free radicals thereby rendering them harmless to the cells. Antioxidants work at the cellular level benefiting various organs and contributing to our good health. Unfortunately, the anti-oxidants produced in our bodies are not enough to neutralize the free radicals. Hence the need for constant supply of external sources of anti-oxidants through our daily diets. If we know the anti-oxidant generating foods and vegetables and plan our diets accordingly we will be able to find answer to the question how to lose weight naturally without exercise. Also, Green Coffee, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc have been found to be extremely useful in weight loss and prevention of many diseases.

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots, fruits like pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, green tea, green coffee beans, sunflower seeds, kidney beans, soya beans, fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel etc are known for their anti-oxidant properties.

But one food that answers the question how to lose weight naturally without exercise and has become a rage in the past few years is the Green coffee bean extract. It is touted as a revolutionary break through. Green coffee became famous in 2012 when it was called ‘a magic potion for weight loss’ by Dr. Oz.

Green coffee beans are beans that are not roasted. In its pure form the caffeine content is low. Green coffee contains a substance known as Chlorogenic Acid extracted from the rind of the beans which is Mother Nature’s answer to weight loss. According to a very famous study in the Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) in its right concentration causes significant weight loss, lowers food intake and weight gain and tackles other health issues too.

CGA, with its antioxidant properties, is believed to have an effect on post meal blood sugar levels, boosts metabolism, cuts down on your carb absorption and blocks build up and accumulation of fat all of which aid in weight loss. It also manages stress hormones called cortisols, which helps you to manage your belly fat. As CGA stops making fat, it also stops the production of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. The presence of serotonin helps you to sleep better and enhances your mood. 

According to a study published in the ‘Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry’ in July 2004, CGA anti-oxidants in green coffee beans could actually stop the growth of four kinds of cancer cells, thus preventing cancer. Research also says that taking supplements of green coffee bean extracts with over 45% of CGA helps lower blood glucose levels along with numerous other benefits.

Green coffee bean powder need not be consumed as a hot drink only. Food writer and enthusiast Priyadarshini Nandy suggests, “A good way to enjoy the young flavour of the green bean extract is by making a version of virgin mojito out of it. Crushed ice, juice of half a lime, few sprigs of mint, cane or palm sugar and some of the green coffee extract-all roughly muddled together makes for an excellent daytime drink. And for gym rats, a fresh smoothie to start your day is always a good idea. To make it vegan use something like almond milk, add brewed green coffee, banana, some dates, maybe even a bit unsweetened cocoa powder and a few ice cubes and blend it on high speed. It can give your system a happy boost of energy .” This answers how to lose weight naturally without exercise. However, you will have to be consistent in your effort to lose weight. A sincere and consistent approach will bring success.

So if you really want that hourglass figure and want to get a healthy glow on your face that comes from within then go get your green coffee today. Stay fit and enjoy life. Find green coffee at highly discounted rate. Click here.


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